Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prayers, Praying and God.

Prayers have been on my mind lately. Lately=Nonstop. It's like I have been doing nothing but praying. I've noticed that I am even taking the time during the day while doing errands, and think of someone and say a little prayer. It's a good thing, don't get me wrong, but I also think that I find myself wondering a lot if others are praying for me. I usually ask for prayers for others, though today, I've been thinking about prayers that I need for myself and most of the time I feel guilty for it. There's a lot of other people going through rough things right now that are 10 times worse than my own.

Now I am not ungrateful for the wonderful things I have been blessed with. I recognize that others aren't as fortunate as me and the things in life I've gotten. Sometimes though I feel like if I ask for things from God, that I start questioning if I deserve it, or if I really NEED it or if its a want.

A lot of times, I often wonder how other people pray. What exactly do they say? How do they address God in Prayer. I find it's easy to talk with Jesus. I don't know if there has been any other time where I have actually heard from him as in a voice heard him than after I met my now husband and told myself "Look don't go and get excited about this's been pointless in the past.." And I heard a strong voice I had never heard out loud before say, "This time is okay to feel excited." Then I felt a sense of calm and ease.

I have to say I feel God more than hear him. There are times in church or during the day where I feel a certain chill, that isn't like a chill like I am cold, its more like a wave of emotion that just happens. It catches my attention each time, so I find myself trying to take in all the info I can at that time.

What's your experiences with God? What about Prayer? How often do you pray? What types of things do you pray about?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Snag of the week!

         So my Snag of the Week, were two very super cute lanterns from Meijer. They were on Clearance for $7.50, which was 75% off original price, plus I got an additional 25% off of that.  I am really excited because I instantly had an idea for them. No I am not using them for lanterns.. I will post finished photos of the idea when I get them done, of course, but for now I will just post a few pics of it for ya.  I want to see if anyone can guess what I am planning to make with them.  

Here's a few pics of them. 

 So what do you think it could be?