Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prayers, Praying and God.

Prayers have been on my mind lately. Lately=Nonstop. It's like I have been doing nothing but praying. I've noticed that I am even taking the time during the day while doing errands, and think of someone and say a little prayer. It's a good thing, don't get me wrong, but I also think that I find myself wondering a lot if others are praying for me. I usually ask for prayers for others, though today, I've been thinking about prayers that I need for myself and most of the time I feel guilty for it. There's a lot of other people going through rough things right now that are 10 times worse than my own.

Now I am not ungrateful for the wonderful things I have been blessed with. I recognize that others aren't as fortunate as me and the things in life I've gotten. Sometimes though I feel like if I ask for things from God, that I start questioning if I deserve it, or if I really NEED it or if its a want.

A lot of times, I often wonder how other people pray. What exactly do they say? How do they address God in Prayer. I find it's easy to talk with Jesus. I don't know if there has been any other time where I have actually heard from him as in a voice heard him than after I met my now husband and told myself "Look don't go and get excited about this's been pointless in the past.." And I heard a strong voice I had never heard out loud before say, "This time is okay to feel excited." Then I felt a sense of calm and ease.

I have to say I feel God more than hear him. There are times in church or during the day where I feel a certain chill, that isn't like a chill like I am cold, its more like a wave of emotion that just happens. It catches my attention each time, so I find myself trying to take in all the info I can at that time.

What's your experiences with God? What about Prayer? How often do you pray? What types of things do you pray about?

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