Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Without Therapy.

Lilly's switching to every other week for OT because of the insurance and they cover X amount of visits.  Today was her first week without a visit. She was kind of bothered by not having an appointment today. It throws her off.  She is doing well with her treatment, but I'm noticing that she is becoming more overstimulated.
She has gone to take her nap, and then has a moment of her hands opening and shuting, then at the same time, she gets this really wide eyed look like she is out of control. This goes on for about at most,10 seconds and then she seems relieved.  I then, deeply rub her arms, legs and back to help with her relaxing. She doesn't seem to be able to control these little bursts, but its usually when she is overly excited for something.
She went to build-a-bear workshop today. We got to the sound board, and she LOVED it. We made it through the stuffing part, then we went over to brush it, where the air comes out of the faucet. She freaked and ran. She wanted nothing to do with that bathtub. Thankfully no screaming, just running away saying "No!" .
She went to bed early at 6:30 and slept until 10. Then she ate some dinner and happily went back to bed. I know as she gets older it will get easier, its just now I have to be patient.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Good Morning Mama! Week 2

This is the 2nd Week of Good Morning Mama!  Where I tell you how I am greeted by my 5year old daughter, Emma, the moments as she wakes up. It's pretty hilarious some days, and others she's just a plain ole 5 year old girl. Anyhow, I am happy to share these with you each week! Have a giggle or two!

Sunday:  "Uh Mama, I have Lilly's blanket. Oh and I am awake, can I have balonie for breakfast?"

Monday: " Oh Hi Mama, I woke up and saw Hannah's Big Ole Butt in here on my floor sleepin and the tv on. Then Lilly woke up and I asked her to come lay on my bed.  We've been watching tv."

Tuesday:  "Good Morning Mama, why is the bathroom light off? I'm going to use my Indian bag today at school.Okay?"

Wednesday:  *hovering over my face literally I look like o-O *  "Hi Mama, can I watch tv very quietly in my room?  Uh is tomorrow two days from Thanksgiving?"

Thursday: "Hey Mama? *peers over me in bed* Can I go and watch tv upstairs?   Me: "Uh yea quietly, wait..is that a sucker in your hand? Go put that in the garbage!    Emma: "Uh I want to eat it?....for breakfast.."

Friday: " Hi Mama.    Um Mama, do you think that Ms. Larsen will, before Christmas, dress up as Santa and give us presents? I think she will."

Saturday: " Mama.... mama? ... Good morning can I watch tv? Kay thanks!" *runs off*   Me: " Uh I guess..."

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Naked Face Challenge.

One of my favorite online bloggers is Deanna over at  Delirious Rhapsody . She has done this blog challenge to just take a photo of your own face, nil any makeup or extras after a shower, or just freshly washed. It's called The Naked Face Challenge.  I don't wear very much make up very often, so I figured well why not?!  So here is my photo. I had just gotten my hair dried after a shower, and hadn't even gotten lotion on my poor dried out face yet. Thank you winter time, and your yucky air that makes my face super dry! >=(

So as you can see, if I wear any make up at all its definitely Eye makeup. As we can see, I look to need a FULL POT of coffee here, and well it's not pleasant. lol   And well I hadn't had a cup at all this morning while I took this photo.   It's amazing what a little foundation and eye shadow with liner and some mascara can do for a girl!   But this is me, and I just took the Naked  Face Challenge!  Are you willing to?     If you do, tell  me with a link or just email Deanna over at her blog! She's also linking up other ladies who are willing to do it! :)  

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Feature! Good Morning Mama!

My daughter Emma is my middle girl. She's currently a wonderful 5 year old who is literally thinking from the time she wakes up, to the time she goes to bed.

Each morning you can imagine that she has a new question for me. Sometimes it's something simple, sometimes its something funny and out of left field. So I am going to try and post each Friday morning what she says throughout the week. She literally wakes up and says Good Morning Mama, I .....

Yesterday, I woke up to:

"Mama do you want me to tell you my favorite holidays?"

Today I woke up to:

"I have two things to tell you. One, my knee still hurts! and Two, where did you get the new picture on the refrigerator?

Monday, November 14, 2011

I heart Giveaways!

So I was over at tatortotsandjello.com and she is having a few giveaways on her blog! Come on over and check out this great photo giveaway from Key Lime Digital Designs!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Whoas...how about Weekend Wonderfuls!

This weekend, I am fortunate not to have any 'Whoas'! We have our family here at home this weekend, and the girl's Gram is at home doing better! I want to thank all of the people who were thinking of her and praying for her. God heard those prayers and blessed her with good care this time around. Lets hope there's another few years, well many years in between her hospital visits!

Our family spent yesterday doing some yard work. Our city still picks up leaves, so we did our raking yesterday to only have our leaves blow away down the block. Darn! ;) The Husband decided to mow also so we are all set for the rest of the season as for yard work. With the exception of hoping to get some small trees getting cut down around our home. There's a barberry bush I would love to pull as well as a nasty strange tree that wants to keep coming back year after year. We've cut it down 3 times and it comes back with a vengeance every spring and summer. I am hoping to have someone come out and remove it from the ground.
Come spring we would like to put down some pavers around the front of our home for the garbage cans to sit on. Most people would ask, "Uh why would you want the scent of garbage so close to the front of the house?" Well the answer is, I don't want it, but we have no choice since our city has a dump site across the highway from us and we smell it all the time. So it doesn't really bother us anymore because we have no control over it. Plus who likes going all the way around their home's perimeter to dump their bag of garbage? Especially once the winter months come. It's snowy and cold. Blah! Not this girl!

We are doing some organizing and trying to get our house in order for the holidays. We'd love to actually have a friend's gathering here at the house soon. We usually do for a holiday dinner. Probably the best part of the holidays is the gatherings! What do you usually love about the holidays?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

This week has really flown by! I haven't had a chance to really write anything down, because we have been on the go go go recently. I do have news about Lilly. Which I will go into detail in my next post. I haven't done anything crafty in a while because of our busy schedule, but I do have some things to do. I hope to post them soon. :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What's new Wednesday!

Well what's new this Wednesday is it's a beautiful fall day in Toledo. The sun is shining and the temps are in the mid 60's! I haven't had a chance to blog in the last few days because we have had such a busy week with Halloween, and school parties on Monday, and also helping my ailing Mother In Law around the house, since she has unfortunately caught a nasty case of pneumonia. She was admitted into the hospital today, and is likely to stay there a few days to get over this nasty stuff.

So I ask if you in fact do pray, please ask God in your prayers to watch over her, and the doctors helping her through this treatment, and that she has extra strength to battle any other illnesses she might occur. I ask this specifically because she had gotten a bad infection around her heart the last time she was in the hospital. We are hoping for the best outcome and know God will handle this situation. He is an awesome God. :)

The kids had a blast with the Mummy candy bars and had a great party. The teacher even commented on them, and thought they were creative! :) So thank you whichever blogger who posted their creation last year. You've done well! :)

My 3 girls are finally better, and have only allergies to battle with. Hoping that will end soon with another frost or two.

I will post some Halloween photos soon too!