Friday, January 27, 2012

Flash Back Friday- 2007

I came across a super cute blog hop/topic over at Melissa Nevaeh Jiedyn , which is a new blog I now follow and she has Flash Back Friday's.  Where you pick an old photo and blog about it. :)  Here's mine.

This is my daughter Hannah. She's my oldest. In this photo, she had gone to a Toledo Mudhens game with her Daddy, as a father/daughter fun day. It was in 2007, she had been a big sister for a total of a year and wanted some special time with Daddy. She had a blast at the game. Daddy spoiled her with Popcorn and soda. Had a chance to visit with Muddy and Muddonna, who is the Toledo Mudhen's Mascots. Everyone loves them!

Hannah is turning 9 on this coming Tuesday. When I took this photo, I couldn't believe that my little girl, was growing up way too fast. She had her cute little hair all swept up, pinned back, and flashed her, "Haha! I'm growing up and you don't know it" smile! Great memories. I am so happy and my heart is filled with love for her because of how she has turned into a wonderful girl. She's compassionate, loving, and thoughtful. She tries her best at all things, and wants for others to succeed. She's wonderful. This photo makes my heart so happy. :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making Friends

With those who have children, making friends usually comes easy, you share a pencil, toy or other random object, fireworks happen the bond is made and you're now friends.  Usually.  Now I know that many children who have special needs, this isn't always the case.  This is the case for our youngest.  She's usually friendly with all children.  Though she doesn't lock arms with a special friend, until she is finally learning social cues, and remembering them. It's really hard for a parent of both children who have special needs and kids who do not have special needs, to remember some times that they won't be on the same levels on many things. While hoping your child does surprise you and show you new things.

Lilly has had a lot of new things happening in her life.  She had went without OT for a month. Started a new school routine, starting from never being in school to even riding the bus all by herself to and from school.  She's learning a new routine throughout the day. Which is hard with a child who thrives on routine, let alone a child who is 3 years old.  She's learning that she is able to do somethings by herself, and tells me so.  (Yay for independence!!!) She's finally learning that things are okay to do without Mom and Dad right near by. Coping skills are going through the roof.

We had been asking Lilly about children at school. If she had any friends at school.  She's been going for about 3 weeks, and thought, " Okay she should have at least a friend that she likes the most out of all the kids in her class."  At first, she would become real shy and not say anything when we would bring up school and friends.   She and I laid down the other day for a nap,  hoping to spend a little quiet time before she actually went to sleep.  I had to work at it, but after having her talk about her favorite toys at school, I popped the question.  "Do you have a favorite friend at school?"   Lilly started to smile, "Yes...."   "You do?! What is their name?"    Lilly whispered, "Izzy".     In my head, I shouted, " FINALLLLLLLLLLLY!!!" and did a happy dance.  Ha ha.  I finally got her to open up to me, and tell me with her own words, who was a friend to her.  She continued that they like to play in the kitchen area together.    

Her SPD and anxiety has caused her to not be the touchy type, and that's okay. I'm sure that she will learn to cope with hugs and such from other people, since she has already learned that it's okay with us, her family.   She has a friend and has become comfortable with her. That is such a huge thing for Lilly, and I celebrate that for her, and with her.  In her own ways.  Just being able to get her to convey that she has a friend verbally, is fantastic! She's learning to verbally express herself, slowly but surely. A pace, that might not be what "regular" kids might be at, but she's progressing and that's all I ask of her.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mother Nature is on the Fritz again!

I tell ya! I really think that Mother Nature has gone wacky!   My hometown is West Seattle, Washington. Growing up I think we had maybe a handful, maybe two of school closings when it came to winter weather.  It's true that it does rain a lot there. But, usually is during the winter months and early spring. I think I only remember 1 time where we got sent home because of weather that was coming.  When we got snow, it usually was only an inch or so and the whole city shuts down. It sounds ridiculous but it's true! Seattle is full of hills and nobody knows how to drive in the stuff.  It's as if common sense flies out the window at first sign of a drop of a snowflake.   So people are finally thinking, and are staying home.

Here in Toledo.. well it's winter. It's finally here, and we are due to get another 3-5inches by Saturday morning! It's going to start coming down overnight heavily, but they said around 3pm we'll be getting a few snow showers.  With all the snow, my biggest pet peeve is scrapping the car.  I am usually the one to get the girls up and running in the morning.  I usually have to go out and brush off the trailblazer and scrap the windows.  Now, visualize a oompa loompa trying to brush off a huge pickup truck.   Yes. That's pretty much me, nil the orange. I'm 5'4" and it's a job all in itself.   So I had to find a easier way. There has to be an easier way to get this ice business outta here!

So I went to Pintrest.. why well I heart Pintrest! And there are a ton of great links to ideas on Pintrest. That's what it's all about!  If you're not there, let me know, and I will send you an invite!  So I came across these Pins.

This first one is a list of help tips on winter whoas.  It's from  Few helpful tips, and who doesn't like tips right!? My favorite from them is the sanitizer tip! 

The second one is from . 

They have a few different routes to take, but all easy!  I really hope these help you!
If you have any other tips PLEASE Share them with me!! I love simple and easy stuff to get rid of the nasty icy mess that mother nature brings!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Old Man Winter.

It's been an unusual winter her in Toledo, Ohio.  It's been 40's and slightly balmy. Our usual coldest two weeks of winter was suppose to be last week and the week before. It's been rubbing everyone the wrong way, because well we are used to having at least 5 inches of snow by now.  We're all ready for the winter to begin, and though we might not like it, other than the snow fun we can have, we know it's on it's way. But it's really taking FOR-EV-ER to get here.

Today we woke up to a dusting, and that was after the news channels made a huge deal, saying  2-4inches, to an hour or two later to just a dusting, maybe an inch. We've been having to listen to our kids, for weeks now, tell us  "WE WANT TO GO SLEDDING!!"  Heck, I even want to go sledding!  A little background here.  Each year that there was a substantial amount of snow, I was pregnant and couldn't go sledding.  To be honest here, I really am a fan of sledding. Now that my girls are all old enough, they are going to go out and have fun with Mom in tow now that I am not pregnant and have no other health problems! Can you say EXCITED!

So last year, we had this fun mess of snow for the first big snow.

You can definitely tell there was a good couple of inches there. It was close to a foot. My husband Eric is out there shoveling in that photo.  You can see Lilly, who was experiencing the snow for the first time last year, really enjoyed snow angels. She is even excited for the dusting of snow we got today.

All and all we are ready for some substantial snow. So Old Man Winter, Bring it!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Adventures

Hannah and Lilly, my oldest and youngest, are both cursed with my horrible ear problems.  They have both had drainage tubes placed, Hannah twice, and Lilly once.  It's been a trial on Hannah mostly, especially since that Hannah  is getting older and is starting to remember more and more.  Although, I wish I would have remembered more of what happened when I was 5 and 6years old,  I know it wasn't all fun.

I took the two girls to the E.N.T. today, I was actually gearing up for the worst day possible because Lilly really dislikes doctors, and the last trip we took here it was her screaming the entire time and they weren't even 2ft near her. So, we did a lot of prepping.  A lot of  "What is going to happen at the doctors appointment tomorrow?" and " He is going to look into your ears with the peeker and then the other ear." And I mean A LOT of that.   Well today it paid off!  Lilly sat on my lap and did fantastic. Not a peep, and although sat a little guarded, she turned her head for him to take a look without a fight.  I was so happy! Not a tear and she was great.

With anxiety and her sensory problems, it's been a struggle when it comes to doctors.  Not to mention, she's 3 years old. It's just the age. I was so surprised that she did as well as she did. Not to mention proud of her.  She starts school tomorrow, and although its only half day, she needs extra interaction with kids her age. I am hoping that she starts finding some motivation to go on the potty with the other kids also going.  She's going to have a good time but those teachers are going to have their hands full with her.  She's on her own terms, and I am constantly trying to break her of her own terms, put a little structure here and there, and she fights me. So I know she will fight them.

I am ready for this New Year, and it's adventures, lets hope the girls are too!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! 2012 is Here!

I had been struggling with my name for a while on my blog. I haven't felt at home per say with The Faulty Pen and have finally come to my new name! Hoping that it will help with new blogs to come, I plan to blog about my 3 little girls, (Which aren't so little any more!), family life, and  more DIY adventures I go on. :)  So we're moving on with:

3 Lil Hoots!   

I hope it's(my blog) fun for you all to read this year, and look forward to blogging more this year. :) Thank you so much for following and I hope that you all have a very prosperous, blog filled New Year! :)