Monday, March 26, 2012


Us Fuller's have been super busy again, and I haven't found much time to blog.  I am finally able to sit down on a Monday morning, and enjoy some coffee and quiet time.  The girls are off to school, Eric is off to work, and I'm actually sitting down and blogging!! 

We have just finished up cheer for the two older girls. It was our first year cheering and it was an okay experience.  Not a complete fan of one of the coaches, but the awesomeness of the other coaches and their support of caring about the girls, made up for it.  Hannah said that she might want to do it next year also. We'll see if she keeps that attitude until then.  Emma said that she will want to try basketball.  I just like them having an activity to do. Keeps them outta trouble, and I know where they are at and with who.

Emma will be starting soccer soon.  She hasn't played before and is really excited to try something new. I know she will have fun. Hannah isn't going to do anything for a little bit. She wants to try coach pitch in the summer, which will be fun for her, since she hasn't try that sport yet. 

We still have been  in full swing of selling Girl Scout Cookies, for Hannah's brownie troop, and we are finally done as of Sunday.  She hit the 250 boxes sold with the last two booths, and that was a bump above her goal. Which, she is so happy about. She isn't going to do girl scouts next year, but I am glad so far has had a great time actually earning badges. 

We have also been battling the sickies, thankfully it's skipping the two older girls and only has hit Eric and Lilly.  Eric has been hit hardest with 4 different infections that all hit at once.  Luckily they were all able to be treated with one antibiotic and seems to be on the mend. I've been praying that he rebounds quickly and so far God's been answering that prayer.  He still has a nasty cough but, his ears have been feeling better. He is back at work today.  

My tasks today are painting doors, laundry, and dishes.  I know exciting day in store for sure!  

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