Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Clothes Battle

Today, our battle has been clothes. She dislikes anything that might have a small bunching in shirts.. mostly like the uber cute peasant tops or summer tanks that have a gathering in the top.

Here's a link to a dress that is similar.

Anyhow the gathering at the top of the dress drives Lilly nuts. She can not stand to be in it. She will take it off right away. I keep trying these once in a while to see if she has had any changes in how she feels about wearing them. Though to no surprise, the dislike is still there.

We have found that dresses are still an option, as long as they don't have the gathering and have an sightly open cut, where she isn't feeling "trapped" in it. We've really had some trying times with her and summer time clothes. It's been some nice mornings of just "No Mama Off!" and other mornings of "OFF NOO DON'T LIKE IT!" This morning was a "Nooo Mama take off please!" type of morning. It wasn't so bad.

We used to have problems with shoes. When it came time for Sandals.. there are only a few that she likes. We have tried the ones who fasten around the ankles. There's even ones you just slip on between the toes. Those are a no go. So far there have been some from Family Dollar which only have a small elastic band that goes around the back of her ankle. At first she would walk like she had bricks on her feet. Ha! Funny to watch. She then realized that she actually could still move her feet in them, it wasn't so bad.

Her SPD probably made her feel like she had bricks on her feet. I've noticed with other kids who have SPD issues, they like to have bare feet. Socks are not friendly to them, and usually are off within seconds of putting them on. I was hoping she would love sandals and am hoping for better days in this summer to come. :)

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