Thursday, June 23, 2011


Well this is the first week we haven't had OT and Lilly could definitely have needed it. She was very over stimulated and had a very active day. Her therapist was on a vacation, and so we wait until next Wednesday. Lilly does a lot of shaking and teeth clenching on her over stimulated day. Along with a lot of, " no no no no no's" and hand flapping/opening and shutting, its was interesting to say the least with my other children. They also are trying to cope with how to interact with her.

My oldest daughter is a hugger. She loves to love on Lilly. Somedays are not good days to hug on Lilly, and she will not hesitate to let you know either. I can see her sister feel frustration when its those days when she is not up for closeness. I have tried to explain that it's not that she doesn't like hugs from her, it's more that her skin today is telling her brain that it's not a good feeling. Tomorrow might be a better day for hugs. Thankfully her sister, who is 8 years old, keeps trying and doesn't feel too discouraged.

My middle daughter, who is 5, is still aware of Lilly and how she acts, but still fully get what SPD is either (Ha! Join the club sister!). She just asked me why Lilly is different than us. I try really hard to let her know that God made her different, just like her and I, and that her body just works differently. It seems to suffice. I hope that as she grows it will be easier to explain to not only her sisters but Lilly herself.

Heck its hard to explain it to our friends, let alone to her. She obviously too young to even know she is different, but when it comes to that time. I am slightly worried. I am hoping that she will get the help she needs through the schools. I hear of so many people having issues with schools giving the proper care even with a Docs Dx. I'm hoping it will go smoother than most. Praying it will.

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