Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mummy Candy Bars Craft

Hi there! I thought I would post a craft tutorial on how I made some fun Mummy's chocolate bars for my daughter Hannah's 3rd grade class's Harvest Party. Read Politically correct for Halloween Party.

These are the supplies. I also had a glue gun on the side ready.

Then I Glued some eyeballs. Nothing like feeling like you're being watched....

Then I cut them all up into silly eyed rectangles.

Then I glued the little squares onto the bar. Just use a little bit of glue though so you don't melt the chocolate under the wrapper.

Then cut out some white strips of White Crepe paper. I just did a quick wrap of a candy bar, from top to bottom and then cut. Laid it out and re cut strips.

Wrap that up B!
Well actually, this shows how I started the wrapping. Then I put a little dot of glue, and then when you come back around you just fold it on an angle, to have it "peek" out at ya.

Then there you have it. Cute little edible Mummies!

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