Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Crafts

So I finished the girl's pumpkins from the last post I was talking about. Very cute. Here is how they turned out!

The girls decided to choose their own smiles and eyes. I just cut and glued on what they drew on the black paper. I haven't done my husband's or mine yet, but I am still debating if I want words on ours since ours are bigger, or if I will do faces again.

The Glue I used worked well, it was just watered down with a little water. Since I am not afraid of a little glue on my hands I spread the glue on with my own finger. I bought the little battery powered tea lights(1.50 for two at Family Dollar) and they work great! The Candle jars, I found at my local Dollar Tree, but I noticed they were made at Libby Glass, which is a local glass company, and I might have been able to get them for cheaper downtown at the warehouse store. Regardless, I think they turned out cute! I'd like to do some Ghosts with some starch and cheese cloth, but I will have to see what I can come up with. My Grandma used to make them all the time, I believe with a balloon in the top of them and sprayed them with starch spray. And let them dry with some cute googly eyes.

My next project is also a .com find. It's cute Mummy bars. I for some reason can not find the link right now, but when I do I will post them with the cute photos of them! :)

I don't know if you can tell, but I love crafting for the holidays!

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