Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Whoas

Well Monday has brought to an end a interesting Weekend for our family. All last week we were housesitting/Dog sitting for the Husband's Mom. She was out of town to visit with her sisters in Indiana and Missy, her dog, is the skittish type. We tried bringing her over to our house for a night and she freaked the entire time. Anyhow, the weekend was just us staying home for the most part. My husband has this nasty nasty chest cold, and he's been recuperating. Our kids THANKFULLY have not caught the nasty stuff, and I hope it stays that way. I went to the dollar store and is going to be making some cute Pumpkin Votives that I found on It was a pin from Maiden D' Shade's blog! I thought it was cute so I bought enough to make two large ones for my husband and I and three small ones for the girls. Although, I couldn't find any orange tissue paper, I am going to be trying orange crape paper instead.

I'll post photos of my attempts to make that super cute votive craft!

I am also going to start Operation Seasonal Clothes Swap. I loathe this task, except for the donating or giving away of the small stuff. That's the best part! The Purge! To just be able to give to others when at a time in our world there's a lot of people without, I know I will be able to help someone with a small daughter or granddaughter.

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