Friday, July 29, 2011

Touch this don't touch that.

So Lilly had a great day on Wednesday at OT. They worked a lot on Tactile things, since that has been the most reactive to her. She stepped on jelly the other day, and started to say, "Ow ow ow Mama!!" Holding up her foot. So I asked that they focus on it today and she had some more moments of those Ow's but she did better than the therapist thought she would with Shaving cream. She also suggested that we work with Shaving cream, bath foam, sand, grass, and even said that a good idea would be finger painting with a little sand in it.

It seems that lately its all about touch, though we did have a reaction to the sound of the bathwater running today. She told me it was too loud and to turn it off. I was a little taken back since she doesn't usually have this reaction to the water. But I noted it too. Been noting everything lately.

Oh and I need to catch up on our first visit with the Behavioral Therapist. We went to see her, and she suggested I start writing down any time she has a meltdown or a tantrum. Well I am not writing down the obvious 3yr old tantrums. Only the ones that are sensory related. Anyhow, I didn't feel comfortable with her. She didn't even read anything about Lilly before hand, and asked that I give her a few mins to catch herself up. Um..unprofessional. Don't waste my time! Geez!

Anyhow, If I feel like this again at the next visit, I will ask to be transferred to a different therapist.

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