Saturday, November 26, 2011

Good Morning Mama! Week 2

This is the 2nd Week of Good Morning Mama!  Where I tell you how I am greeted by my 5year old daughter, Emma, the moments as she wakes up. It's pretty hilarious some days, and others she's just a plain ole 5 year old girl. Anyhow, I am happy to share these with you each week! Have a giggle or two!

Sunday:  "Uh Mama, I have Lilly's blanket. Oh and I am awake, can I have balonie for breakfast?"

Monday: " Oh Hi Mama, I woke up and saw Hannah's Big Ole Butt in here on my floor sleepin and the tv on. Then Lilly woke up and I asked her to come lay on my bed.  We've been watching tv."

Tuesday:  "Good Morning Mama, why is the bathroom light off? I'm going to use my Indian bag today at school.Okay?"

Wednesday:  *hovering over my face literally I look like o-O *  "Hi Mama, can I watch tv very quietly in my room?  Uh is tomorrow two days from Thanksgiving?"

Thursday: "Hey Mama? *peers over me in bed* Can I go and watch tv upstairs?   Me: "Uh yea quietly, that a sucker in your hand? Go put that in the garbage!    Emma: "Uh I want to eat it?....for breakfast.."

Friday: " Hi Mama.    Um Mama, do you think that Ms. Larsen will, before Christmas, dress up as Santa and give us presents? I think she will."

Saturday: " Mama.... mama? ... Good morning can I watch tv? Kay thanks!" *runs off*   Me: " Uh I guess..."

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