Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend about Weekend Wonderfuls!

This weekend, I am fortunate not to have any 'Whoas'! We have our family here at home this weekend, and the girl's Gram is at home doing better! I want to thank all of the people who were thinking of her and praying for her. God heard those prayers and blessed her with good care this time around. Lets hope there's another few years, well many years in between her hospital visits!

Our family spent yesterday doing some yard work. Our city still picks up leaves, so we did our raking yesterday to only have our leaves blow away down the block. Darn! ;) The Husband decided to mow also so we are all set for the rest of the season as for yard work. With the exception of hoping to get some small trees getting cut down around our home. There's a barberry bush I would love to pull as well as a nasty strange tree that wants to keep coming back year after year. We've cut it down 3 times and it comes back with a vengeance every spring and summer. I am hoping to have someone come out and remove it from the ground.
Come spring we would like to put down some pavers around the front of our home for the garbage cans to sit on. Most people would ask, "Uh why would you want the scent of garbage so close to the front of the house?" Well the answer is, I don't want it, but we have no choice since our city has a dump site across the highway from us and we smell it all the time. So it doesn't really bother us anymore because we have no control over it. Plus who likes going all the way around their home's perimeter to dump their bag of garbage? Especially once the winter months come. It's snowy and cold. Blah! Not this girl!

We are doing some organizing and trying to get our house in order for the holidays. We'd love to actually have a friend's gathering here at the house soon. We usually do for a holiday dinner. Probably the best part of the holidays is the gatherings! What do you usually love about the holidays?

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