Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Without Therapy.

Lilly's switching to every other week for OT because of the insurance and they cover X amount of visits.  Today was her first week without a visit. She was kind of bothered by not having an appointment today. It throws her off.  She is doing well with her treatment, but I'm noticing that she is becoming more overstimulated.
She has gone to take her nap, and then has a moment of her hands opening and shuting, then at the same time, she gets this really wide eyed look like she is out of control. This goes on for about at most,10 seconds and then she seems relieved.  I then, deeply rub her arms, legs and back to help with her relaxing. She doesn't seem to be able to control these little bursts, but its usually when she is overly excited for something.
She went to build-a-bear workshop today. We got to the sound board, and she LOVED it. We made it through the stuffing part, then we went over to brush it, where the air comes out of the faucet. She freaked and ran. She wanted nothing to do with that bathtub. Thankfully no screaming, just running away saying "No!" .
She went to bed early at 6:30 and slept until 10. Then she ate some dinner and happily went back to bed. I know as she gets older it will get easier, its just now I have to be patient.

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