Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Naked Face Challenge.

One of my favorite online bloggers is Deanna over at  Delirious Rhapsody . She has done this blog challenge to just take a photo of your own face, nil any makeup or extras after a shower, or just freshly washed. It's called The Naked Face Challenge.  I don't wear very much make up very often, so I figured well why not?!  So here is my photo. I had just gotten my hair dried after a shower, and hadn't even gotten lotion on my poor dried out face yet. Thank you winter time, and your yucky air that makes my face super dry! >=(

So as you can see, if I wear any make up at all its definitely Eye makeup. As we can see, I look to need a FULL POT of coffee here, and well it's not pleasant. lol   And well I hadn't had a cup at all this morning while I took this photo.   It's amazing what a little foundation and eye shadow with liner and some mascara can do for a girl!   But this is me, and I just took the Naked  Face Challenge!  Are you willing to?     If you do, tell  me with a link or just email Deanna over at her blog! She's also linking up other ladies who are willing to do it! :)  

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