Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day After Curls

So my daughter Hannah was a good sport and let me wrap her hair in cloth curls. It's a no heat way of curling your hair that I found on Pintrest.com.   I showed you in the previous post, what she looked like last night, after I had her all tied up.  Well Let me rephrase that, her Hair was all tied up. Not her.

Here is what she had to work with this morning.

 I am pretty sure I will be killed in my sleep someday, when she finds out that I posted these photos on my blog, but until then lets all have a good chuckle at these curls.  They are pretty great!  So I think that if I had a chance to redo them, (and trust me I will put her through this again lol)  I would roll them the opposite direction, and even maybe horizontally for more "ringlets" type curls. I would also choose to use thicker chunks of hair. It seem's that most of this is just trial and error.  I added some curl gel to them this morning and it helped with the singling out of the curls.  

We'll get the final thoughts on this from the kids at school. Because you know out of the mouths of babes...

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