Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanking God.

We went this week to have Lilly evaluated at the Diagnostic Center for special needs preschool.  Her SPD is really affecting her abilities to feel her inside need to use the bathroom. (As well as other skills.)  This is holding her back from attending preschool, since a lot of the head starts and preschools in our district will not allow children to attend unless potty trained.   So we went to see what their group of professionals thought they could be able to offer her if they felt she could benefit from preschool with special needs assistance.

The morning started off by her just playing in a lobby type of area until the doctors and professionals finished up talking about each of the kids that were to be coming in for evaluations.  There were 3 other children and they all seemed to play nicely.  We were greeted by a Parent Mentor, who is basically another parent of a special needs child who knows what goes on in meetings and can answer most questions for you. She is there to help ask questions for you if you are not sure what you need to know.  It was comforting to know there was someone else for you as a parent.    Then they allowed all the kids into the playroom.  The instant they said it was time to go play in the classroom,  Lilly ran through all the people frightened, and said " Mama will you go in there with me?"   I told her, "Of Course!"  And we went in although when she was greeted by some of the other adults in there, she hid behind me and clammed up.  Which for her, is the norm.  I thanked God.

She was able to venture off once she saw the slide.  She then soon was able to venture off without us, she slowly warmed up to the other kids, and started to talk to the other adults if they asked her questions.  There were a few times, when we peeked through the window to the room to watch what she was doing.  Eric saw her interacting with an adult and the adult went to touch her to redirect her to another part of the room, and she threw her hands up and told her " Nooooo!"  She didn't want her to touch her at all.   I chuckled and thanked God for it.

You know, I was really happy that she was having these reactions.  I had asked God that morning to show them what hinders her learning.  We go back on the12th to find out what they have decided for Lilly.  I really hope they are able to help her with putting her into the special needs preschool.  She would be in a class mixed with non special needs kids too.  I know she is mentally able to excel. She already knows many many things.  She really just needs a little help here and there to keep her going.  I don't want her to fall back because of the fact that her body isn't working for her right now.    She'll be okay if she isn't accepted, I will just have to work a little harder with her. I just hope that God has her plan in the acceleration lane.  I really do Thank God for her. She's so cute and wonderful.

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