Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas! Our family had a very blessed Christmas, and enjoyed lots of great food and laughs.  This year we were blessed with gifts from family, and people we didn't even know.   God works in wonderful ways, and we are forever grateful for them.  The other day I had put our last $9.00 in our gas tank to take our youngest daughter Lilly to her therapy appointment and received a call from my daughters school that they had something from us. It was a food basket, and toys.  It was so unexpected and so wonderful for my kids and our family.
 Christmas Day I received a call from a family member saying to come over and pick out some goodies for the girls, since she had a huge assortment of stuff from when she went shopping throughout the year.  She was so generous and filled a box of stuff to give to the girls.  It was so nice to know that family was there for us, while the husband doesn't have a job right now.

I hope that your Christmas was a blessed one, and you were able to celebrate the life of Jesus. Many warm blessings throughout the year to you and yours!

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