Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Adventures

Hannah and Lilly, my oldest and youngest, are both cursed with my horrible ear problems.  They have both had drainage tubes placed, Hannah twice, and Lilly once.  It's been a trial on Hannah mostly, especially since that Hannah  is getting older and is starting to remember more and more.  Although, I wish I would have remembered more of what happened when I was 5 and 6years old,  I know it wasn't all fun.

I took the two girls to the E.N.T. today, I was actually gearing up for the worst day possible because Lilly really dislikes doctors, and the last trip we took here it was her screaming the entire time and they weren't even 2ft near her. So, we did a lot of prepping.  A lot of  "What is going to happen at the doctors appointment tomorrow?" and " He is going to look into your ears with the peeker and then the other ear." And I mean A LOT of that.   Well today it paid off!  Lilly sat on my lap and did fantastic. Not a peep, and although sat a little guarded, she turned her head for him to take a look without a fight.  I was so happy! Not a tear and she was great.

With anxiety and her sensory problems, it's been a struggle when it comes to doctors.  Not to mention, she's 3 years old. It's just the age. I was so surprised that she did as well as she did. Not to mention proud of her.  She starts school tomorrow, and although its only half day, she needs extra interaction with kids her age. I am hoping that she starts finding some motivation to go on the potty with the other kids also going.  She's going to have a good time but those teachers are going to have their hands full with her.  She's on her own terms, and I am constantly trying to break her of her own terms, put a little structure here and there, and she fights me. So I know she will fight them.

I am ready for this New Year, and it's adventures, lets hope the girls are too!

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