Saturday, February 11, 2012

Flash Back Friday- 2008

                                  Flash Back Friday! Come join in the fun!! Link up and share!

My girl's are all growing up! It was only 2008 in this photo and Emma was 2 years old! She is now 5 and 1/2! I love this photo because she was so innocent here. It was summer time, and she was wearing her favorite little dress. She loved just running around in the grass.

Her hair cracks me up. It's always been really unruly. Especially after a nap. Which this photo had to of been taken after a nap. You can tell by her eyes being so puffy. Her hair is still pretty stubborn. But I at least know how to tame it a little more now.

She had such huge cheeks then too.  Since then she's grown into her cheeks. Though, they are super cute and I loved kissing them. Now she's not so open to me kissing them all the time, haha, but she loves hugs and kisses all the same.  Thank goodness she's learned how to smile now. Haha! Her poor "smile mama" smile, although cute, would not cut it today!

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