Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Keep Asking!

My husband Eric had been out of a job since October 27th of last year.  It's been a hard time, having to tell our children "No, not right now." or " We don't have the extra money for that right now." It was hard, but necessary. I had said a lot of, "Be grateful for what God has already given you.", "You know there are other children who don't have any toys." and "We are really blessed because people care about us, and God has put them in our lives."  I felt like a broken record.

My oldest was really upset about it, and very worried about us not having a place to live, or stay.  Although, that was never a topic, she just assumed the absolute worst. I was so heartbroken for her. I continued to tell her to talk to Jesus about it, and to know that we wouldn't be on the street. To continue to ask Jesus to bring Daddy to the right job. Also to continue to ask him to continue blessing us and others.

My middle daughter, she just has the optimistic attitude that maybe next time she'll get it. It was hard to tell her no a lot too, because the things she wanted was little things. But the little things add up, and I always felt that she wasn't going to understand, but then she started to realize that " No" didn't mean never.  Thankfully.
She asked when Daddy was going to get a new job.  A lot of the time, I said in my head, "Lord I hope you bring him one soon." , but I always told her I didn't know but to please pray for Jesus to lead him to the right one.
My youngest Lilly, she's 3 and 1/2. She's completely unaware that Daddy isn't leaving the house like he used to.  She just likes playing with him while he is home.

Me, I just kept praying everyday, asking him to continue to bless us.  Thanking him for the ways he works, and how he has continued to supply us with the things we needed. Each night, it was different, but the same.  I continued to place my faith in God, and continued to ask and praise and a day came when my husband got a phone call.

He had been told that they wanted to hire him for a job. He went in interview went well and he came home to  tell me that it was between him and 3 other people.  There we sat waiting for the call. I dunno about you, but waiting for a call is torture. It's like the time moves slower.   But the next day the lady called back and said that they chose someone else. BUT.    Now.. there's always a but.   She had one more place that she would pass his resume to, and get back to him.   My husband was disappointed. He thought for sure that it was the one for him.

The waiting continued and they wanted to meet for an interview.   He went to the location, and from the very start, everything was messed up.  They said he was there on the wrong day. Although, he was actually there on the right day. They rushed him through the interview. Never let him ask any questions.  Told him it was for the wrong shift, wrong rate of pay, even wrong position.   He left really upset about the whole thing.  He was feeling very nervous and unsure of what was going on.   He was even contemplating to NOT take the job. I told him that maybe we should just wait over night and sleep on it.  I asked God that night to show him the right thing to do. We went to bed nervous, but open to see what God wanted.

The next morning, I felt compelled to tell my husband that he should take the job. I was so tired of seeing him just hang out at the house, like he was lost and not sure what he was going to be doing.  So I just said, "I think you need to take the job."   He of course was like, " Huh?"   But then I said, "Maybe we just need to wait this out a little bit more, and see if God works further?"  

That's just what he did!  Day 1 of training Eric comes home, and has a funny smirk on his face.  I ask him what's so funny??  Well, turned out that he went in and trained for a few hours with the lady who he would be working with. He got pulled outside for a few minute to talk to the manager, and they told him,  "Well Congrats you are new 1st Shift Shipping and Receiving Clerk."    What?!   Turned out the lady who was training him lied on her application, and they had to let her go.  First, of course, I was so excited for him. It was exactly what he wanted!   Then I felt bad, since someone had to lose their job in order for Eric to get in there. So, I said prayers for that lady. And  I praised God for working in our lives.  I just had to continue to ask, and ask and ask.  God heard my prayers. He even answered. He gave me 3 different answers in that time.  Wait. Nope not this one, and Yes!   It was hard to see it while it was going on but it definitely showed.

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