Thursday, February 9, 2012

Order or not in order...

How do you get organized, or a new routine down? Are you a throw it all down on a list and check it off as you go? Or are ya a place for everything and everything in it's place type? Or maybe you're a labeler/boxer-upper type.

Well whichever one of those fits your style, it's a sure sign of how easier your days flow, from the start of the day headed out the door, to the end of the day when you're all crawling into bed. If you're a mom like me, I like my mornings to not be rushed, and flow easy going. It usually helps when you have multiple kids, to get the older ones involved with doing things for themselves. It's always a teaching/learning experience at the beginning of the school year for us. Making sure that all bus schedules match up in some sort of order, that we all get out the door with the right bags, coats and paperwork. We had a routine going at the beginning of the year. Then Lilly started school and she goes to school on the bus now.

That means I wake up at 6:45am to get her up and dressed then, me up and dressed, and looking semi presentable to the bus driver. Yea, it's rough some mornings. I at least try the night before to get the coats, bags, and shoes near the door. And have the older two daughters to pick out some of their clothes. It helps. But there are some mornings where I just feel like 15 extra mins of laying there, in bed, not moving is my better situation.

I don't know how many mornings, I've spent searching for something I just put on the counter, to only find that one of my small little humans have took it upon themselves to move it to a whole another room. So I try to clip anything important up high, on the fridge, and announce that if they touch it, they might lose a limb.

Another idea so that our family can function pretty easy, has been The Calendar. I even get abnoxious about it and buy the HUGE one that you usually keep on your desk. I learned the hard way, that if you want your husband to be in the know, it usually has to be in BOLD so I write everything down. It's not all color coordinated or anything like that but it's definitely filled up. It's a life saver and it keeps the husband and I talking about our days.

So what is your favorite thing that keeps your life organized? Share with me!!! =]

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