Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flash Back Friday- 2008

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My Flash back is to August 2008.  Now it doesn't seem like that was all that long ago. Date wise, but when you check it out by what is in a photo, it show's a lot more.  Lilly my youngest is now 3 1/2 years old and when you see this photo, she was 3 days old.  

She was in the NICU for the first few days of her life, and I didn't get to hold her for a good couple of days. Which killed me by the way, since my other children were born without any complications and nobody told me about what you might feel when you don't get to hold your baby right away, or might have breathing problems.   Her whole story is HERE. She was so cute, her cute little chubby(raw from the nose canula stickers) cheeks and her little quaint look, I fell in love with her right away.  How could you not?!   I had a new found respect for NICU nurses, and at the time there was another little girl in the room with her. We were so fortunate that we were able to take Lilly home only after a few days.  The other little girl was born many weeks early, and was half of Lilly's 7 lbs.  She did finally go home, a few months later, but still I was thanking God for the gift of our daughter going home.  I remember it feeling so empty at our house without her there.  There was a definite puzzle piece from our family puzzle  missing until she came home.   Lately, she's doing better of course, and is learning what preschool is all about, but Lilly is what was on my mind this week.

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